Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Java Certification

There is no validity for this course. I mean currently no institution or firms consider this as a qualification. But may be in future they consider so.
This course differs from ordinary course. There is no projects or assignments.
All we want to do is study the material provided by them and submit the home works. We have more than five months of time for that. And in total more than twenty home works.

This course covers Basic of Java or Core Java.
It starts from novice (ie., loops and declaring variables too ) and advances from there. This covers swing, File handling, Little bit RMI and client/server networking, Threads, Java Beans etc. etc. ...

The course is maintained and developed by Mr. Sang Shin. Also there are many to help him. We get support from class mailing list. And if we complete the course successfully, we also get a certificate like above one that get to me.
There are other courses too. For example Java Performance tuning, Java EE, Java FX etc. And like this course all of them are free...
And for that matter quality never sacrificed for this course. This course also utilizes the tutorial in the java's site which is provided by Sun. And most of the slides provided as study materials are from JEDI project. more details are available from www.java.net. This project is for Quality education via universities. You may also benefit from this too. That is why I refer it here.

To know more about the Java courses go to www.javapassion.com
If you want to know about this course, in which I earned the certificate go to www.javapassion.com/javaintro. The coming section is 6th one. Stay tuned and make your first step to Java Technologies. Good Luck :-D