Monday, 3 October 2011

Finally, I have my hands on them

It had been so long, since I started to think about buying a book titled "The C Programming Language" by Bryan W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie. If I put it as accurately I can as possible now a days, It'll be 3 year after I learned how to program (Obviously, In C, we initiated). This book is a standard reference for "C" language till the date, a gift from authors of the language, themselves. It wasn't available at local book stalls. (I do think, that's the case, even now.)

The other book shown here, Is called "Hacker's Delight.". Well, it's no immediate use to me. But I liked the content of that Book. It's a bible of Bit level Algorithms and techniques. What I already know about bit arithmetic become nothing in front of this Excellent book. A must have, If you want to know your machine.
Want to become a Embedded expert and so on. 

And If I say, these are first Computer Science books that I'm buying with my own money and Out of requirements by academic needs. And I already have a copy of e-version of these books, long back. I just needed a printed version, to serve as a quick reference.

Also, It's which made my long desire to earn these books possible. Their delivery is very good and on time. Packaged really well, with a book-mark-let & bill.

What I use daily is Python, I love to code in python, think in python, (not eating python, never tried, or haven't got a chance ;-) ). If  you come to know any book about python worth buying as reference, and is small like these two listed here ( I don't want to buy a {Java, ...} "Black Book" or {C++, ..}"Complete Reference" kind of mammoth book. And most likely I may already having a e-book of your suggestion. What I need is a strong reason to have that book in print.

By the way, one of this books are worth owing (if not both). Go ahead, have it handy...